Friday, November 30, 2007

Stop War on Iran

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Saturday 1st December 2007

Central Hall Westminster

Storey's Gate, London SW1 9NH

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This conference will be an unique event with delegates coming to London from all five continents.
They will be calling for the complete end to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and opposition to any attack against Iran. Delegates will also look at the broader struggle against war around the world and against continuing threats from the US administration. At the final plenary the conference will discuss co-ordinated international anti-war actions for 2008.

To book your ticket phone 020 7278 6694.

Speakers already confirmed include:


Dennis Halliday
, Hans Von Sponeck, former humanitarian co-ordinators in Iraq, Hassan Jumaa, President Iraqi Federation of Oil Workers Unions, Jawad Al Khalassi, General Secretary Iraq Foundation Congress, Hannah Ibrahim, Women's Will Iraq, Ivona Novomestská, Czech No Bases Campaign, Mrs. Marzieh Mortazi Langroudi, a leading member of the Iranian group Mothers Against War, Ibrahim Mousawi the editor of Al Intiqad, Hezbollah's newspaper, Karamat Ali, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education in Karachi, Khaled Hadadah, Gen Sec Lebanese Communist Party, George Martin, United for Peace & Justice USA, Brigitte Ostmeyer from new German Left party, Hamdeen Sabahy, Eqyptian MP and leader of the democracy movement, Mohammad Omidvar, Iranian Tudeh Party, Jan Neoral, Czech League of Mayors, Tony Benn, President Stop the War Coalition, Lindsey German Stop the War Convenor, Mark Thomas, campaigning comedian, George Galloway MP, Craig Murray, ex-British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Sami Ramadani, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, Richard Boyd Barrett, Stop the War Coalition Ireland, UNT union confederation,Venezuela, Yannis Sifikakis, Greek Stop the War Coalition, Korean Veterans for Peace.