Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Fuck Israel, at the People's Food Co-op"

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Fuck Israel, at the People's Food Co-op

This is in the aftermath of the People's Food Co-op referendum, held to decide on boycotting all Israeli products.

Thousands of flyers were handed out, in front of the Co-op store, for 9 months, demanding a total boycott of Israeli goods, including the Co-op's "Israeli Couscous".

Nearly 1,000 people petitioned the Co-op to boycott all products from Apartheid Israel.

The "Detroit Free Press" wrote about this massive effort to boycott Israel. So did the "Ann Arbor News" and the "Arab American News".

Then came the Co-op membership vote...

The Co-op Board refused to allow election observers or any transparency.
The one small (easily portable) ballot box was largely unattended for at least 30 days.
The Board delayed releasing the voting results for at least 9 days.

The Board is now refusing to hold a clean re-vote, with observers.

When you campaign for a boycott of Apartheid Israel, insist on a very public vote count, so that Zionists are unable to stuff the ballot box.