Friday, December 17, 2010

"Wayne State Student Council...demanded that Wayne State dump any Israeli investments."

"Jack soft on Israel"

In the METRO TIMES (Detroit, Michigan)

December 15, 2010


Re: "Leadership for sale" (Dec. 8), Jack Lessenberry can't have forgotten how Israel massacred 1,400 innocent Palestinians in Gaza, less than two years ago.

Yet Lessenberry is not campaigning against Israel. No, Lessenberry is venting his spleen against Helen Thomas.

Helen Thomas is rightly incensed at how Palestine is robbed, starved and massacred. She dared to demand action against Israel, as we all should.

How on Earth did that drive Lessenberry to libel Thomas as "a vulgar anti-Semite"?

Instead, Lessenberry should have joined her in demanding action against Israel, at long last.

Lessenberry should have joined the Wayne State Student Council in April 2003 — when the council demanded that Wayne State dump any Israeli investments.

Instead, Lessenberry has gravely dishonored himself and Metro Times. He chose to shield the Zionists, as they starve Gaza, and to strike Helen Thomas with a libelous death blow.

I hope to see the Metro Times replace Lessenberry's column with one by a human rights fighter who hates racism — like Helen Thomas. It's shameful to shield the Zionists. Stand with the occupied people of Palestine, and boycott Israel.

—Blaine Coleman, Ann Arbor