Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Pre-emptive Peace Strikes - 'Don’t Attack Iran' "

"Pre-emptive Peace Strikes - 'Don’t Attack Iran' "

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Strike #19: Saturday 24th November [2007]

Parliament Square, Westminster, London
(SOCPA Act 2005 – Authorised Demonstration)
Other picket line locations will be displayed on the front page.

Mass strike dates are currently being arranged for the
third Wednesday of each month. Keep an eye on the
home page for extra dates and cancellations.


Current Peace Strike Leaflet

The following are translations are available. They may not be up to date with the current English version due to the time lag between publishing the English version and the translation.
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Join us on our strike for peace (all welcome)

Withdraw your labour, book a day off work, or take a break from your usual routine and show the government that you are opposed to any actions or steps that might be taken that threaten the sovereign nation of Iran or any other country.

We cannot repeat the mistakes that have been made causing the appalling mindless slaughter of the innocent people of Iraq that we have all felt and witnessed in one form or another in the media. We have to get ourselves organised now in order to have any real chance of saving the Iranian people from the same such horrible fate. It is not too late we can and WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We say NO to any threat or action by either UK/USA/Israel.

“Together we are strong”

What Sorts Of People Make Up A Strike?

We can all be strikers if we care about each other and other people. The Peace Strike has been formed to provide a direct action movement whereby housewives, parents, students, workers, people on benefits, homeless people, people with disabilities, carers, pensioners, families, etc, can join together in solidarity in a common cause for peace, united in action and standing strong together.

We would also like to hear from individuals, churches, clubs, campaign groups, workers unions, etc, who would like to start a picket and to establish a picket line in their own town or city in solidarity nationwide.

On Strike For Humanity

At first you could book the day off work or ask for a day in lieu. You may prefer to join for part of the day or come for the evening. You should feel comfortable with the action that you take, come and make new friends and join together to make a stand for peace. And of course, we are not expecting emergency workers to abandon their posts.

Please bring: Placards, banners, food, musical instruments plus anything else you would like or need for the day. Please also be aware there is no shade or shelter in Parliament Square, so you are advised to bring: sun block, a hat and umbrella.

Code Of Conduct

We would like all participating groups to act accordingly to the following code of conduct:

* To stand united and participate in peaceful non-violent direct action.

* To be non-confrontational, peaceful and respectful in our attitude and manner. We will act in a courteous and responsible manner at all times.

* Everyone is welcome to join us in our planned demonstrations and actions and all will be able to contribute equally within the group.