Friday, November 30, 2007

Israeli water firm faces boycott call- in Edinburgh City Council:

"Israeli water firm faces boycott call in Capital"

THE EVENING NEWS (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Monday, November 26, 2007

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AN Israeli water firm could lose its £117,000 contract with the city council after claims it is "pillaging" Syrian natural resources to create profit.

Various groups are calling for a boycott of Eden Springs. It operates in the Golan Heights, a border plateau captured by Israel from Syria in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Its UK arm supplies water coolers for council-run schools and offices in Edinburgh, and at a meeting this week, councillors agreed to call for a review of the contract. Mick Napier, chairman of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: "I am outraged that money is being given to reward Eden Springs. This company pillages the water of an occupied territory."

Labour councillor Gordon Munro originally lodged a motion calling on officials to cancel the contract with Eden Springs, but following legal advice, the politicians agreed to receive a report and review the situation.

An Eden Springs spokesman said: "Eden Springs UK is a separate unit, and the water used in the UK is sourced in the UK."

"We have 100,000 customers in the country and employ around 200 people in Scotland."

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1. PC Plod / 12:33pm 26 Nov 2007

Eden Springs may claim be a seperate company but since it was taken over by the Israeli one it's lost that status and has to be treated as such - the profits go back to Israel to continue the oppression, torture and murder of people in illegally occupied lands.

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2. stef.s / 12:59pm 26 Nov 2007

Why can't people just drink tap water?

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3. Paul Voltaire / 1:31pm 26 Nov 2007

The politics of water.
How fascinating.

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4. Vanesa, Edinburgh / 1:38pm 26 Nov 2007

The fact that our council tax is being used to support yet another illegal Israeli occupation is very worrying.

Given that Eden Springs is in clear violation of international law (by raping the resources of the territory Israel illegally occupies), by rewarding them with this contract, the Council are setting themselves up to be charged with complicity.

Good for the Labour councillor that presented the motion to cancel the contract. At a national level, Labour are clearly complicit with Israeli atrocities, but at least in Edinburgh Council, some principled people are willing to stand up for justice.

The boycott of South Africa led to the downfall of Apartheid there. Great to see the growing campaign to BOYCOTT ISRAELI APARTHEID.