Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When the "Michigan Daily" stood against Apartheid Israel:

Rabbi criticizes "Michigan Daily" for printing "baseless lies" and "obscenities" against Israel:

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"Protesters Allege Land Bias in Israel:
"Ann Arbor Dinner Draws Pro-Palestinian Group"

April 10, 1989

"ANN ARBOR - Chanting 'Free, free Palestine' , in the driving snow, about 60 people protested Sunday outside a fund raising dinner for the Jewish National Fund, a group the demonstrators said discriminates against Palestinians on land the group owns in Israel..."


"Michigan Daily" Editors:
"...Zionism is from its inception a racist construct."

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"Students Critical of Israel are Under Fire"
March 1, 1989

"...The Daily's editorial board-- which includes a number of Jewish students-- has backed the right of self-determination for Palestinians...

"...Three of the Daily's staffers-- Adam Shrager, 20, editor-in-chief, Jackie Miller, 21, display advertising manager, and Amy Harmon, 20, co-editor pf the editorial page-- are Jewish and defend the editorials..."