Saturday, February 9, 2008

"U of M students protest for Gaza"

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"U of M students protest for Gaza"

By Roza Abdulridha
Saturday, 02.02.2008, 11:00pm

DEARBORN — "Peace and Justice UMD, not until Gaza's Free." Students at University of Michigan-Dearborn (UMD) screamed and protested Tuesday, January 29. They chanted all sorts of slogans in the midst of the cold and rain. They chanted for unity, justice, peace and freedom. They said they came together not only as Arabs but also as human beings protesting against a crime they called inhumane. "The people of Gaza are being starved and suffocated due to a blockade Israel recently implemented, " one student said. "Sad enough, neighboring countries such as the Arab Republic of Egypt blocked their borders and sprayed water guns at the Palestinians to keep them from entering their country. Here is where the youth steps in. We, the students of UMD, stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza. We will not stand aside and witness this oppression. We will continue to protest and march in the cold until justice prevails. We will continue to fight for the freedom of the people of Palestine. This is only the beginning!"

On Thursday, January 31, students marched through the halls of the university in silence. They held up pictures, signs, slogans and the Palestinian flag — all in silence. Other students and faculty gazed on questioningly. The university understood the message. The Arabs of this university are present and will continue to show their strong voice until freedom is given the Palestinians. This was a simple, harmless method to show one's voice. Did the student body read the slogans and understand the message? The students believed they did.

"It is in our hands to change the present and carry it on to the future. This is the diary to freedom and justice, and we will continue to carry this vision until we are heard and until our Arab nation is free" they said.