Friday, February 1, 2008

Detroit solidarity event, for the occupied people of Palestine

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February 6, 2008 event, in the middle of the Wayne State University central campus;
Detroit, Michigan:


"Wednesday, February 6th at 12 noon,

"Palestinians in Gaza Resist 'Slow Death' from Israel
"Now it is our turn to stand up!

"We will not light candles and bemoan the victims of Israeli apartheid. Instead, we will celebrate the courage of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Our actions will contribute to building our own 'beloved community' or ummah at Wayne State dedicated to freedom for Palestine!

"Joy has come to Gaza. Recently, the Palestinian people celebrated a victory over Israel's attempts to enforce a 'slow death' on them. They attacked and destroyed the wall between Gaza and Egypt, and hundreds of thousands of Gazans streamed into Egypt to purchase supplies denied them in the two years since Israel began its siege on Gaza. Like the hundreds of sisters who defied Israeli security forces and marched on a mosque in Beit Hanoun to liberate their armed brothers; like the hundreds of people who have gathered on rooftops across Gaza and the West Bank, defying Israel to demolish their homes, Israel's attack on Gaza was not met with quiet acceptance, but determined resistance, as the Palestinians stood up and refused to cave in to
Israeli intimidation. Breaking through an international border, the Palestinians refused to submit to the 'slow death' Israel seeks to enforce."