Friday, July 13, 2007

"Talk to the People's Food Co-op about Israel"

Ann Arbor, Michigan
July 13, 2007

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"Please contribute to putting pressure on the People's Food Coop not to carry Israeli products due to the violently racist behavior of the Israel military/government against Palestinians and the Arab world in general.

"Israel brutalizes Palestinians on the basis of their racial identity just like the South Africans did, and activists have worked very hard to launch a referendum among the membership of the People's Food Co-op to not carry the products until the occupation of Palestine--which has gone on for decades-- is called off.

"The scene today at the People's Food Co-op board meeting in Menlo was quite a sight. The activists had split due to a disagreement with Blaine's tactics, which include spelling 'Israel' with a swastika for the letter 's'. Today Blaine really let the board have it, calling them supporters of a Nazi occupation and calling them totally racist.

"However, what he actually said was this: First he made a point that the co-op didn't need to run a referendum by its members when it decided to boycott tuna that wasn't 'dolphin-safe.' It was an issue of such basic ethics that they all unanimously adopted the boycott. Then he mentioned how easily they divested from apartheid South Africa, which was essentially the same issue facing Israel: state-controlled racism.

"Then he takes out a canteloupe and described what Mozhgan who was there with us experienced in Palestine: an Israeli soldier repeatedly bashing a Palestinian's child against a wall until there was blood running down the wall.

"So then he says, 'You have the power to put a stop to this today. You have the power to take a stand. We've given you hundreds of pages of documents to prove our point. And yet you still refuse.' That's when he started calling them racists and Nazis.

"The sad thing is, even though it never helps the situation, he was telling the truth.

"It's absolutely mind-boggling how Israel gets away with what it does. South Africa's apartheid was brought down with a chorus from the whole world and yet nobody will speak up for the Palestinians against Israeli oppression--not even when called to the task. And if you point out that Israel takes advantage of the memory of the Holocaust to deflect criticism, you're called the racist Jew-hating genocidal psycho.

"All while Israel pushes another war upon us. This time they want us to destroy Iran. And they even have the nerve to say Iran is the country inciting genocide."



* The People's Food Co-op phone # is 734-994-9174.

* The Co-op store address is: 216 N. Fourth Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. ]

* The Co-op announcement of the Boycott-Israel Referendum is at:


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