Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Parallels between Haiti and Palestine"

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July 02, 2007 01:22 PM

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Re: The film, "HAITI: We Must Kill the BANDITS", on YouTube at:


"...The fact that a democratically elected government has been subverted by the US and its allies because the winners were not acceptable as leaders. In Palestine it was Hamas and in Haiti it was Aristide - both winning with huge majorities - Aristide at 92%.

"The film covers the period 1990 to 2006 - the election of Aristide the US back coup of 1991, Aristides re-election up to the forced removal of Aristide following an intense campaign by the US, Canada and France of disinformation and destabilisation by stopping loans to Haiti and using thugs to terrorize the people.

"Once Aristide was literally forced out by the US marines, UN troops [MINUSTAH] were sent in following a UN resolution that the film implies was decided well before Aristide’s forced removal. The film reveals how the UN (with the backing of the US, Canada and France) and the Haitian police systematically rounded up members of the Lavalas (Arstide supporters), murdered and imprisoned them. Thousands of ordinary poor citizens were killed by the UN forces (led by Brazil and including Jordan) in a period of 22 months alone. The film directed by Kevin Pina is a powerful documentation of UN abuses in Haiti shown through the eyes of the Haitian people who despite the brutality and atmosphere of fear continued to protest against the unelected government and demand the return of the Aristide..."


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