Sunday, March 1, 2009

30 Universities Occupied, as Students Demand Boycott against Apartheid Israel:

Durban demonstration against Apartheid Israel, 2001.


In 2009, thirty universities have experienced campus occupations by students who demand boycott and divestment against the Apartheid State of Israel:

This 2009 photo is from the University of Plymouth student blog in England.

They say there are 30+ "occupied universities" in the UK.

After 4 days of occupation, Plymouth students say the university has agreed on Palestinian scholarship, aid to Gaza, and a discussion with students about divestment, including the "on-campus boycott of Israeli goods."

Meantime a Welsh school, Cardiff University, has agreed following a 3-day student occupation to divest from two arms suppliers to Israel, BAe and an arm of GE.

Source: "30 student occupations in UK are having an effect", at: