Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"When all the protests and UN resolutions don’t help...", boycott against Israel is legitimate, says candidate for Mayor.

"Duisburg candidate for mayor:
"Boycott Israel"

Published: 25 Feb 09, 17:23

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Hermann Dierkes, a leftist candidate for mayor in the Ruhr Valley city Duisburg, on Wednesday defended his call for a boycott of Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians despite widespread criticism he was stoking anti-Jewish sentiments in Germany.

“When all the protests and UN resolutions don’t help stop continual human rights abuses then such methods are legitimate,” he said in a statement released by the North Rhine-Westphalian regional chapter of his hard-line socialist party The Left.

“To compare it to the racist Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses is highly disingenuous.”

Dierkes unleashed a storm of criticism this week after saying the Holocaust could not be used as an excuse for Israel’s recent military campaign in the Gaza Strip....