Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Food Co-op debates a boycott against Israeli Products.

"Brooklyn Co-Op May Boycott Israeli Products"

On the local CBS TV news, at:

Feb.20, 2009

by Jay Dow, WCBS TV News


...The 15,000 member food co-op in Park Slope is considering a ban on Israeli products because of the conflict in the Mideast. Officials there are now debating making an international statement after a member's proposal to take a symbolic stand against Israel.

So far the co-op staff has identified just four products from Israel, but they say it's possible there are others out of the 10,000 products offered at the co-op.

How do he members feel about losing Israeli grown persimmons, sweet peppers, paprika, and marshmallows? Reaction is mixed.

"Red peppers are the only thing that I would use of those four, and I would not boycott them," said co-op member Steve Monroe.

"I don't really support the boycott. But I really don't support the policy of Israel either," said Ted Stafford, another member.

But other say they would stand behind the decision if it goes through.

"Just make people more aware and more responsible in how we find the things that we sell," said member Crystal Whaley.

Members say until the boycott proposal reaches the co-op board's official agenda, they'll continue stocking the shelves based on a food's quality instead of its nationality.