Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zionist attack at People's Food Co-op:

The Boycott-Israel campaign is told that Palestinian children should face "more death"

This shocking video is on YouTube, at:


"Boycott Israel at People's Food Co-op"

On that video, you will see the language Zionists use, against peaceful Boycott-Israel activists.
Over 1,300 people have witnessed
this verbal assault on the children of Palestine--
--as televised on YouTube.

From the front sidewalk of the People's Food Co-op, you will see an Israel-booster urging:

* More aerial assassinations of Palestinians, by the Israeli air force,

* "More death" to Palestinian children.

People's Food Co-op management, by frequently calling the police on Boycott-Israel campaigners, have empowered Zionists to use the most bloody language against Palestinians.

Will the Co-op management finally condemn such racist attacks on Palestinian children, from their own front sidewalk?

You can find out by calling the People's Food Co-op, at: 734-994-9174.

(Please be polite.)