Sunday, July 27, 2008


Don't Vote for Lowenstein. She defends the Apartheid State of Israel.

How will she judge you, if she is elected as Judge?

To see the video, click below, at:


Stop Raping Palestin e. Stop Voting for Lowenste in.

* Lowenstein's fierce defense of the Apartheid State of Israel is well known.

--Even after Israel dropped 4 million cluster bombs on Lebanon.

* So is Lowenstein's public attack on the national conference to divest from Israel, at the University of Michigan. See her quote, in the Michigan Daily:

* So is Lowenstein's famous refusal to face any criticism of Israel while on City Council.
(Lowenstein turned her BACK, and her CHAIR, to show her backside to a Palestine human rights advocate, while he stood at the microphone and tried to speak to City Council).

* You remember Lowenstein's unfortunate crack about the Muslim hijab.
(It was during the Boycott-Israel campaign, at the People's Food Co-op.)