Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Israel threatens to bomb Iran.

Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons. Israel constantly invades and bombs the Muslim world.

"Isaac Ben-Israel says Israel is ready to bomb Iran 'today' if necessary."


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‘Israel Will Not Stand By While Iran Builds the Bomb'

Isaac Ben-Israel, a former Israeli Air Force general and now member of the ruling Kadima party, spoke with SPIEGEL about the limits of sanctions in dealing with Iran's nuclear program. He says Israel is prepared to mount a military strike against the mullah regime if diplomacy fails.

July 1, 2008

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...SPIEGEL: Do you think the international community can convince Tehran to make concessions?

Ben-Israel: I still have not given up hope. If Russia and China endorse the sanctions, the United Nations may be able to achieve their goal. One thing is certain: Israel will not stand by idly while Iran builds a nuclear bomb. If necessary, we will use force.

SPIEGEL: You took part in the planning of the 1981 air strikes on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor. An air raid on the Iranian nuclear facilities will be considerably more difficult because they are spread out over a number of different locations and some of them are underground.

Ben-Israel: It may be more difficult, but it is possible. We could do it today. There is only one thing that keeps us from acting: The problem can still be solved another way. Only once the critical point is reached will we choose the final option.

SPIEGEL: When will the critical point be reached?

Ben-Israel: The intelligence services will make sure that we know.

SPIEGEL: Iran would not let a military strike go unanswered.

Ben-Israel: Of course they will react, they will launch a few dozen rockets at us, but that’s not so bad. And of course they can set the Lebanese Hezbollah on us. They are better armed than two years ago…