Friday, December 7, 2007

Zionists scream for war on Iran.

The "Sunday Times" of London, October 5, 1986


The "Jerusalem Post"...

"Five reasons to bomb Iran now"

by Michael Freund


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"...It is the cold, hard reality staring us all squarely in the face, unless Washington or Jerusalem takes military action, and soon.

"CRITICS ARGUE that an attack on Iran would be logistically difficult, politically dangerous, and would result in some very serious consequences.

"But as former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton told the New York Times (November 9), 'The choice is not between the world as it is today and the use of force. The choice is between the use of force and Iran with nuclear weapons.' And when looked at in those terms, it becomes quite obvious that there really is no choice at all: the US and/or Israel must bomb Iran. They must act to remove the nuclear sword from the hand of the Persian executioner.

"And they should do so now - before it is too late."