Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Entire jury votes for free speech in Ann Arbor:

The big losers are the police who followed "American Movement for Israel" 's orders:

This article was published just before the entire jury, by consensus, voted that Doctor Wilkerson is "Not Guilty", on all charges--

Catherine Wilkerson trial underway

ARBOR UPDATE (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

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This week, Doctor Catherine Wilkerson’s trial on charges of attempting to interfere with police and emergency medical personnel began in Washtenaw County 15th District Court. The charges stem from an incident during a November 30, 2006, talk at the University of Michigan; Wilkerson attempted to intervene in police handling of protester (and AU regular) Blaine Coleman, believing that Coleman, who appeared unconscious, was in danger of asphyxiation. Wilkerson and other protesters in January filed a complaint of police brutality regarding the incident; an Ann Arbor Police investigation found the officers did not act inappropriately.

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  1. It’s interesting that the charges only allege that Dr. Wilkerson “attempted” to assault/resist/obstruct the police and ambulance personnel, but doesn’t allege that such actually occurred. This shows that the UofM Police were acting as “thought police” when they determined the charges only a week after Wilkerson filed the police brutality complaint. The charges were not based on what Wilkerson actually did, but only on what she thought of doing, during the incident of two months prior. It would seem that Prosecutor Mackie must have noticed the seeming weakness of these charges of thoughtcrime when he tried to amend two additional counts at the late hour.

    A similar policing of thought is evident in the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, which was recently passed by the House. The bill defines “homegrown terrorism” as the “planned” or “threatened” use of force to coerce the government or the people in the promotion of “political or social objectives.” That means that no force need actually have occurred as long as the government charges that the individual or group thought about doing it. This is very similar to the “attempted” felonies Dr. Wilkerson has been charged with.

    The passage into law of US House Resolution 1955 will make prosecution of “thoughtcrimes” much easier and we won’t have to worry about troublemakers like Dr. Wilkerson any longer. Don’t you feel safer, already?

    Michael Schils Dec 3, 06:52 PM #
  2. Why was the “American Movement for Israel” allowed to command the police? This was a huge victory for free speech.
    The next time Israel’s cheerleaders hear someone say “Don’t Bomb Iran”, they can no longer call the cops to make them shut up.

    —Tanter suggested nuking Iran Dec 3, 11:37 PM #
  3. Tonight the anti-Zionist, anti-war forces in Ann Arbor had a huge victory.

    Dr. Catherine Wilkerson, who was protesting a speech by Raymond Tanter (an open advocate of nuking Iran) and was targeted by the police and charged with attempting to obstruct the police, was found Not Guilty tonight at the 15th District Court of Ann Arbor. Dr. Wilkerson was merely trying to save the life of a man who was in danger of positional asphyxiation under the weight of two Ann Arbor police officers.




    Citizens of Ann Arbor have fought hard to expose campus Zionists and to diffuse their push for a war on Iran. Ann Arbor anti-war, anti-Zionist groups have spoken up against war on Iran, protested, been beaten by the police, hospitalized, imprisoned and much more. And tonight they finally won.

    The “American Movement for Israel”, which has been actively promoting the idea of an attack on Iran, now knows that on this campus they will not get away with ordering the police to attack peaceful protesters.

    Next time the police will think twice before attacking peaceful protesters exercising their freedom of speech on the University of Michigan campus.

    Congratulations to those who worked hard and long to save our freedom of speech and expression.

    —Victory for Free Speech Dec 4, 12:49 AM #
  4. A2 doctor found not guilty in lecture fracas case – 12/4/07, The Michigan Daily

    —Michael Dec 4, 07:36 AM #

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