Tuesday, April 28, 2009

At UCLA, January 2009:

Chants of “Zionism is racism,” “Zionism is Nazism,” “Free, Free Palestine” and “F…, f… Israel.”

The truth is coming out, on the University of California campuses, both at Santa Barbara and at Los Angeles.

And a Zionist journal expresses a lot of upset about it, here:

"Santa Barbara professor compared Israelis to Nazis"

"The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles"

April 27, 2009



That journal felt compelled to share the following (very true) information provided by Professor William I. Robinson:


The journal was not happy to see these parallel images from UCSB professor William I. Robinson.

Professor Robinson, a USCB sociology professor, included that image in his course materials, under the heading “Parallel images of Nazis and Israelis,“ 42 side-by-side photos (like the one above.)

Here’s a portion of what Professor Robinson wrote, according to the same journal:

"I am forwarding some horrific, parallel images of Nazi atrocities against the Jews and Israeli atrocities against thePalestinians. Perhaps the most frightening are not those providing a graphic depiction of the carnage but that which shows Israeli children writing 'with love' on a bomb that will tear apart Palestinian children.

"Gaza is Israel’s Warsaw - a vast concentration camp that confined and blockaded Palestinians, subjecting them to the slow death of malnutrition, disease and despair, nearly two years before their subjection to the quick death of Israeli bombs. We are witness to a slow-motion process of genocide (Websters: 'the systematic killing of, or a program of action intended to destroy, a whole national or ethnic group'), a process whose objective is not so much to physically eliminate each and every Palestinian than to eliminate the Palestinians as a people in any meaningful sense of the notion of people-hood."



The same journal is still upset about a UCLA symposium in January 2009, too...

From an article that Tom Tugend reported then:

"Symposium at UCLA pours on the anti-Israel hate",

In "The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles", February 12, 2009--

The final speaker was UCLA English literature professor Saree Makdisi, who stated that when Israeli forces withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the continuing blockade “made Gaza a prison and [Israel] threw away the keys.” He added that it was Israel’s “premeditated state policy” to kill Gazans and stunt the growth of their children.

While the four professorial talks were delivered and received quietly, interrupted only occasionally by applause, emotions escalated during the closing question-and-answer session.

Most of the questioners were adults, well beyond student age, and their softball questions about control of Washington by the Jewish lobby and how to divest from Israel were easily fielded by the speakers.

The mood changed when a few pro-Israel attendees got their chance, according to audience members. When Eric Golub asked Hajjar whether she would consider as prosecutable crimes Hamas’ murder of Fatah rivals, the use of civilians as human shields and recruitment of suicide bombers, the professor responded, “If you think I favor suicide bombings, then you have that Zionist hat on your head screwed on way too tight.”

Hajjar later retracted her comment, but her initial response was met by audience cheers and chants of “Zionism is racism,” “Zionism is Nazism,” “Free, Free Palestine” and “F…, f… Israel.”