Monday, June 2, 2008

Zionists have mass-murdered Palestinians since 1936

Kanafani writes of how the British occupiers, in the late 1930's, created a Zionist strike force on Palestinian soil.
The Zionists learned much, from British colonial officers, about how to kill and humiliate the Palestinian population.

Kanafani's account is on the Web at:

"The 1936-39 Revolt in Palestine"

...The British in an early stage were able to see the strategy called by the Americans 30 years later "Vietnamization". This was extremely important, because it was this incident that strengthened Britain's conviction that the formation of a Zionist striking force would solve many problems connected with the defence of Imperialist interests accompanied by efforts to form a Zionist armed force to protect these interests.

In this field the British officer Charles Orde Wingate played a prominent role in translating the British-Zionist alliance into practical action. Zionist historians try to give the impression that Wingate's efforts were the consequence of personal temperament and "idealistic" devotion. But it is clear that this intelligent officer, who was sent to Haifa by his chiefs in the autumn of 1937, had been entrusted with a specific task - the formation of the nuclei of striking forces for the Zionist armed force which had been in existence for at least six months, but which needed crystallisation and preparation.

This British officer, whom "Israeli" soldiers regard as the real founder of the "Israeli" army, made the pipe-line problems his special task, However, this task led on to a series of operations involving terrorism and killing, and it was Wingate who took upon himself the task of teaching his pupils at Ain Daur - among whom was Dayan - to become an expert in such operations.

There can be no doubt that, in addition to his qualifications as an experienced imperialist officer, Wingate was equipped with an unlimited racialist hatred for the Arabs. It is clear from the biographies written by those who knew him that he enjoyed killing or torturing Arab peasants, or humiliating them in any way.110

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"Al-Hourriah" weekly newspaper (Palestine) includes this account, more specifically illustrating the role of Zionist terror in breaking the back of Palestine, in the 1930's:

"The pioneers of terrorism in the Middle East"

On the Web at:

* On March, 6, 1936, Zionist terrorists threw bombs in Haifa market, killing 18 Palestinians, and injuring 38.

* On December, 31, 1937, scores of Palestinians were killed and injured when Zionist terrorists threw grenades in the vegetables' market near Nablus gate in Jerusalem.

* On July, 6th, 1938, 21 Palestinians were killed and 52 were injured when Zionist terrorists detonated two car bombs in Haifa market.

* On July 15th, 1938, 10 Palestinians were killed and 3 were injured when Zionist terrorists threw grenades at mosques in Jerusalem when worshipers were leaving.

* On July 25th, 1938, 35 Palestinians were killed and 70 were injured when Zionist terrorists detonated a car bomb in the Arab market in Haifa.

* On July 26th, 1938, 47 Palestinians were killed and others injured when Zionist terrorists threw grenades in the market of Haifa.

* On August 26th, 1938, 34 Palestinians were killed and 35 were injured when Zionist terrorists detonated a car bomb in the suq of Jerusalem.

* On March 27th, 1939, 27 Palestinians were killed and 39 were injured when Zionists terrorists threw grenades in the middle of Haifa.

* On June 12, 1939, a Zionist terrorist gang attacked the village of Balad Ash-Shaykh and kidnapped five villagers and later killed them.

* On June 19, 1939, 9 Palestinians were killed and 4 injured when Zionist terrorists threw grenades at a crowd of Palestinians.

* On June 20th, 1947, 78 Palestinians were killed and 24 injured when Zionist terrorists put bombs in a crate of vegetables in the suq of Haifa. And on and on and on.

Source: Al-Hurriyyah magazine, no. 1183, April 26, 2008.

The full text, in Arabic, is here: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.