Monday, June 23, 2008


How Zionist Occupiers Enforce Silence...
...even at Arab-American Festivals:

"Anti-Arabs at the Arab Festival"

Anti-Arabs at the Arab Festival
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This video shows what happens, in the United States, when all political expression is banned for the convenience of occupying armies. It is an unbelievable scene of U.S. military and spy agencies shamelessly recruiting Arab-Americans, in broad daylight, with the full permission of Arab-American festival organizers.

You will see video of a major Arab-American festival, held in June 2008, as millions of Arabs are killed in Iraq, and millions of Muslims are killed in Afghanistan, the victims of U.S. military invasion and occupation.

To protect U.S. military and FBI recruiters from any sign of political dissent, police stood ready to arrest anyone who was seen, by festival organizers, engaging in "political solicitation".

The festival organizers laid down these draconian rules on their Web site, at , under the heading of Download the vendor application


American Arab Chamber of Commerce

13th Annual Dearborn Arab International Festival

June 20, 21, 22, 2008

Dearborn, Michigan

Booth Application – Food & Artisan Tents

"Political Activities:

"...1. No political solicitation of any kind shall be permitted at Festival entrance points or other areas where such activity would impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

"2. No political literature or paraphernalia shall be passed out inside any of the vendor tents or in the carnival area.

"3. No political signs or placards shall be mounted, posted or carried through the Festival grounds.

"4. No vehicle mounted political signs shall be allowed within the Festival area perimeter.

"5. Political candidates, or those supporting a political cause, shall not set up any stands, booths tables tents or podiums.

"6. No band, musical instruments, amplifying devices, performances, exhibits or other demonstrations designed to promote a political candidate or cause shall be permitted.

"7. No solicitation for signatures on petitions for any cause or candidate shall be permitted inside vendor tents or in any area where such activity would in any way impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including carnival area.

"Any infraction of above rules will result in immediate ejection from the Festival site and other appropriate enforcement action."


The video was dedicated to this martyred 14-year-old girl, Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi (عبير قاسم حمزه الجنابي), and to all martyred and wounded Iraqis.

The video is on YouTube at:

In the background, you can hear كاظم الساهر , asking why you've turned your back on Iraqis: