Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boycott Apartheid Israel, at People's Food Co-op:


Below, you can click on the "Play" symbols, to see and hear the video:

The People's Food Co-op held a membership vote, to boycott all Israeli products, in September 2007, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

That boycott vote was marred the Co-op Board's refusal to allow observers.

The Board then refused to release ballot results for 9 long days.

During the entire voting period, the Board had left a very small, flimsy ballot box largely unattended for the 30 days and nights of voting. Now the Board claims the Boycott-Israel vote has failed.

The Board refuses to allow a re-vote and a re-count, under transparent conditions, with observers, and with a secure ballot box.

The next Co-op Board meeting will be held at 6:30 PM, this coming Thursday, November 8, 2007. The meeting location is at the Ann Arbor District Library, located at the intersection of Fifth and William, downtown. The meeting will be up in the 4th floor conference room of the library.