Monday, October 22, 2007

As Israel strangles Gaza--
Co-op President complains that Israel is still being criticized:


"Boycott Fails:
"Food co-op members reject ban of Israeli products.

by Shelli Liebman Dorfman, Senior Writer
October 22, 2007

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Brief excerpt:

"Ann Arbor-
"After a month-long polling period - culminating nearly eight months of discussion and petitioning - members of People's Food Co-op in Ann Arbor voted against a proposed boycott of Israeli goods.

"The referendum was initiated by a co-op member, then a member of the group Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG).

"In addition to boycotting all Israeli goods, the referendum also asked that the co-op 'purchase no goods made, grown or originated in Israel or in Israeli settlements on the occupied West Bank.

"The co-op carries fewer than a dozen Israeli-produced items, which co-op president Linda Diane Feldt said is merely 'one-tenth of 1 percent of sales - less than $5,000 per year.'

"Among the 6,000 members of the co-op, 1,128 valid votes were cast, with 262 members voting in favor of the boycott and 866 opposed. Feldt noted a high voter turnout as well as daily phone calls and activity in front of the store from people on both sides holding up signs and passing out fliers.

" 'Some of the non-BIG protesters [anti-Israel] have persisted in using swastikas in their written fliers and sign boards,' Feldt said.

" 'They have continued even now that the voting has ended. The Web site they refer to also uses swastikas and profanities in describing Israel...' "