Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Divestment Resolutions are Approved:

These news items are all from March 14, 2013:

1. Clackmannanshire Council adopts policy of boycott against Israel, & support of the Palestinian freeedom struggle. See the above announcement from Twitter.

-- It is the third Scottish council to approve a resolution supporting boycott against Israel.

2. "UC San Diego Student Government calls for divestment from Israeli Occupation", at:

3. "UCSD Divestment 2013 Vote"
(Start watching 4 minutes into the video)

Today's divestment resolution was approved by the University of California's San Diego campus student government, by a large majority of 20 in favor, only 12 against, and 1 abstaining.

It follows recent votes for divestment at the student governments of UC Riverside and UC Irvine, and many others.