Saturday, March 17, 2012

Demonstrating to free Hana Shalabi in Occupied Palestine:

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It shows a few of the thousands of people who have been demonstrating to free Hana Shalabi in Occupied Palestine.

Hana Shalabi is still being held without charges by the Israeli occupiers of Palestine.
Her hunger strike is now in its 31st day. She is in medical danger.


For details, see article below:

"Shalabi's health faces a serious deterioration"

March 17, 2012

JENIN ( Palestinian female prisoner, Hana’ al-Shalabi enters today her 31stday of hunger strike. She informed her lawyer that she stopped taking salt and is only taking water and that she will continue until her release.

According to her lawyer, Raed Mahameed, that Shalabi was examined by a doctor from Physicians for Human Rights and the doctor said that she suffers from law heart beat rate, law blood sugar, loss of weight, weakness in muscles, yellowing of the eyes and high levels of salt in the blood which affected her kidneys causing her pain in her sides specially the left side as well as pain in chest bones.

Physicians for Human Rights said that Shalabi cannot sleep because of pain, she also suffers dizziness and blurred and occasional loss of vision.

Salabi told Mahameed that she took salt last week but refused to take any salt and is living on two litres of water a day.

Head of the legal unit at the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), Jawad Poulos, said that he applied to Ofer court to have an early review of Shalabi's case.

The PPS said, in a statement on Thursday, that the legal unit at the PPS and the defence team of Shalabi view with extreme concern the failure of the court to look into the defence appeal.

14 other captives continue with their hunger strike in solidarity with Shalabi, while popular protests in solidarity with her continued. A number of people, including Quds satellite channel were injured when IOF troops fired teargas at people holding a protest outside Ofer prison, west of Ramallah.

Participants held pictures of Shalabi and captive Kifah Hattab from Tulkarem who is on 21st day of hunger strike in solidarity with Shalabi.

Meanwhile, in Burqin, the home town of Shalabi, the school girls marched in protest at her arrest and serving her with administrative detention without charge or real trial.