Thursday, April 7, 2011

Divestment against the Racist State of Israel, at NYU:

"Students for Justice in Palestine rally for divestment from Israel"

by Amy Zhang
Published April 6, 2011


Students for Justice in Palestine called for divestment from Israel in a rally on West Fourth Street on Tuesday. But their voices didn't go unopposed: Gesher: Israel club at NYU and Violets for Israel set up their campaign right across the street.

The issue of contention was the ongoing Isreali-Palestinian conflict, which pits mainstream Palestinians, who demand a state in the West Bank and Gaza strip, against right-wing Israelis, who claim that a creation of a state would destabilize a peaceful Israel.

Shouting war cries while battling the wind and rain, both sides caught the attention of passers-by strolling through the middle of their skirmish.

"Hey Israel, just face it. Apartheid is racist," shouted members of the SJP. "Resistance is justified when people are occupied!"...