Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Jordan: The professional associations push for boycott against all Israeli products.

Israeli flag is burned at protest in Amman.

This boycott-Israel sign says the following:

"The price of each piece of fruit from Sharon's farm = the price of a bullet lodged in the chest of each Palestinian.

"--Jordanian Professional Unions, Anti-Normalization Committee."


Professional associations to publish list of ‘normalisers’

By Mohammad Ben Hussein

May 12, 2010

AMMAN - The professional associations are planning to publish a list of individuals and companies who allegedly deal with Israel, an anti-normalisation activist said on Tuesday.

The announcement comes as part of a new anti-normalisation campaign launched in light of an unsure peace process and Israel’s ongoing unilateral measures in the Palestinian territories, according to Badi Rafaya, head of the anti-normalisation campaign at the professional associations.

“We are preparing a comprehensive list containing the names of individuals and companies who insist on maintaining ties with the Zionist enemy,” Rafaya told The Jordan Times in a phone interview yesterday.

“This is not a defamation campaign; we want to pressure those who have turned a deaf ear to our calls over the years. It is time for the public to know who deals with Israel so they can boycott their products,” he added.