Sunday, July 26, 2009

1953: Students protest dictatorship in Iran--

Above: A photo of three students who were killed for protesting against the U.S.-installed dictatorship, in Iran, at the time of Nixon's visit to the Shah.

On December 7th 1953 (the 16th of Azar), Iranian students came out in large numbers to demonstrate against the visit of the U.S. vice-president, Richard Nixon, to Iran, following the CIA-supported military coup of August 1953. Three students were killed by the Shah's U.S.-installed regime and that day became known as “Students’ Day” ever since.

The U.S. and Israel trained the Shah's "SAVAK" secret police, who tortured and murdered many Iranians for the next quarter-century.

Above: A photo of Vice President Nixon meeting the newly-installed Shah of Iran, December 13, 1953.