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Zionism = Naziism

Photo Gallery: Israeli Occupation of Palestine

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Israel provoked Six-Day War and Still defies international law (imemc, 6/5/07).

Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist, who was killed by being run over by an Israeli occupation bulldozer in Rafah, on March 16, 2003, as she was protesting demolishing Palestinian homes. She was declared a Palestinian martyr by President Yasser Arafat.

Israeli occupation forces continue their military campaign against Al-Ain refugee camp, injure two in Gaza, kidnap 29 Palestinians (PIC, 9/20/07).

Israeli Occupation Forces kidnap wife of wanted Qassam activist, Omar Abu Jaber, 3 of his relatives, and 10 other minors (PIC, 9/6/07).

Israeli occupation forces admit to killing of three innocent children. Above: The blood pool of the three Abu Ghazal family children who were murdered by Israeli occupation terrorist soldiers in Beit Hanoon, on August 29, 2007 (imemc, 8/31/07).

Israeli Fuel Supplies Cut Off of Gaza Strip, as a Collective Punishment, Leaving 1.5 Million Palestinians Without Electricity (Ma'an, 8/18/07).

Palestinians crying at Jubara Israeli occupation checkpoint, Tulkarem (Ma'an, 7/7/07).

87 Palestinian Political Prisoners out of 12,000 Released from Israeli occupation Prisons! Above: A Palestinian child injured by Israeli occupation forces as he was waiting for a relative political prisoner to be released (Ma'an, 10/2/07).

Palestinian Civilians Used Again as Human Shields by Israeli Occupation Forces Invading Nablus (imemc, 10/19/07).

Palestinian Children in Israeli Occupation Telmond Prison Appeal to Abbas to Intervene for their Release. (imemc, 9/27/07).

Palestinian cameraman Imad Badran, who was shot by Israeli occupation soldiers (imemc, 10/17/07).

B'Tselem: Stripping Palestinians of their homes contravenes Palestinians human rights (imemc, 9/18/07).

Illegal Israeli settlers torch Palestinian crops (Ma'an, 7/7/07).

The new Israeli occupation roadblock in Al-Dhahiriya, near Hebron, is a site of humiliation for Palestinian workers (Ma'an, 6/20/07).

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill Two Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Above: Kamal Sa'ad's mother and relatives grieving over his body (IPC, 6/7/07).

Details of Israeli Murder of 72-Year-Old Palestinian Yehia Al-Jabari. Above: Al-Ja'abari's relatives grieving (Al-Ayyam, 6/7/07).

Palestinian passengers in, above, and around busses waiting for Israeli permission to them in order to cross the Egyptian-Palestinian border in Rafah. Despite the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip, the Israeli government still controls Palestinian travel (Alquds, 6/7/07).

10 million Palestinians, 7 millions of them refugees, 450,000 internally displaced, a new Badil report. Above: Palestinian refugees forced out of their cities and villages by Israeli forces in 1948 (imemc, 9/15/07). Sabra and Shatila Massacre: 25 Years on By Khalid Amayreh (PIC, 9/18/07). Israel provoked Six-Day War and Still defies international law (imemc, 6/5/07).
French court reopens investigation into the death of Mohammed Al-Durra, a Zionist attempt to discredit the original report (imemc, 9/21/07).
Israeli Occupation Forces Invade Tulkarem, Hebron, Nablus, Northern Gaza Strip, Terrorizing Communities, Kidnapping Palestinians. Above: An Israeli occupation soldier abusing a Palestinian child (PIC, 7/4/07 ).

Palestinian teenager, Mahmoud Al-Kafafi, crushed by invading Israeli bulldozer in eastern Gaza (imemc, 9/20/07).

Above: The child Ramez Helles, who was shot by Israeli occupation forces, then he died of his wounds (imemc, 9/8/07).

Three Palestinians Children and a Youngman Killed by Israeli Occupation Forces in Gaza Strip . Above: One of the victims murdered by Israeli occupation forces, Yahya Abu Ghazal (Ma'an, 8/30/07).

Family of Assassinated Palestinian Child, Mahmoud Al-Qarnawi, Reveals Barbaric Conduct of Israeli Occupation Soldiers (Ma'an, 8/26/07).

Gazans Suffer Without Electricity as EU Joins the US-Israeli Embargo on Gaza Strip (Ma'an, 8/20/07). Israeli Occupation Government Extends Detention of Nada Al-Jayousi, a Palestinian Mother of Nine Children (PIC, 7/15/07 ). Palestinians crying at Jubara Israeli occupation checkpoint, Tulkarem (Ma'an, 7/7/07).

War on Terror: An Israeli occupation "peaceful" armored vehicle chasing a "terrorist" Palestinian boy in the West Bank city of Jenin today (Ma'an, 10/11/07). Invading Israeli occupation forces clash with activists near Jenin (above), Qabatiya, kidnap 11 Palestinians, demolish public facilities in Jabalia (Ma'an, 9/30/07).

Illegal Israeli settlers' attacks on Palestinians in Hebron include beatings, property damage, throwing of stones, eggs, and even bottles of urine. Above: A settler woman and a child attacking a Palestinian woman (imemc, 10/19/07). Illegal Israeli settlers, together with Israeli occupation soldiers, attack volunteers helping Palestinian farmers pick olives. Above: Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian farmers and peace activists (Ma'an, 10/18/07).

Israeli occupation forces invade Palestinian cities, terrorizing the population, kidnapping 22 people, provoking confrontations with resistance fighters (imemc, 10/18/07). Al-Hoqooq Center slams attacks against Palestinian detainees in Al-Ramla Israeli occupation prison (imemc, 10/1/07).

2 Palestinians Killed in Gaza, 10 Kidnapped in the West Bank by Israeli Occupation Forces (Ma'an, 10/1/07). 29 Palestinian refugees wounded in refugee camp fire on Iraqi-Syrian borders (PIC, 10/9/07).

Gaza mourns after Israeli attacks leave 11 dead, 30 injured (Ma'an, 9/28/07). Palestinian Muslim worshippers sitting on a street near Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem after Israeli occupation forces had prevented them from reaching the mosque to perform the weekly prayer (Ma'an, 9/21/07).

Israeli forces bar movement of Palestinians between eastern and central West Bank. Above: Israeli occupation forces stopping Palestinians at a West Bank checkpoint and preventing them from traveling inside their own homeland (imemc, 9/15/07). Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Palestinian Homes in Bethlehem and Nablus (imemc, 7/19/07).

Israeli interrogators demand detained Palestinian Members of Parliament to resign from their posts as a condition for their release (Ma'an, 7/1/07). Israeli occupation forces terrorize Balata (above) and Jenin refugee camps for seven hours, injuring and kidnapping Palestinians (imemc, 6/27/07).

Six Palestinians killed and four injured by Israeli occupation forces invading southern Gaza strip (Ma'an, 6/19/07).

Palestinian mother of Ra'ed Al-Nadi fighting an Israeli occupation soldier to free her teenage son, Ra'ed, who was arrested because of carrying two pipes at Huwara checkpoint, Nablus (INA, 6/6/07).

Israelis persecuting Palestinians inside the Palestinian territories, not in Israel.

.Israelis persecuting Palestinians inside the Palestinian territories, not in Israel.

Ra'ed Al-Nadi arrested at Huwara for carrying two domestic pipes (INA, 6/6/07).