Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Boycott-Israel Resolution, at the University of Michigan.

The “Michigan Daily” should back the Boycott-Israel Resolution...
...which is still before the Michigan Student Assembly:

* Boycott all Israeli products,

* Take that $1 trillion you spend to kill Muslims, and spend it instead on rebuilding Detroit,

* Stop 400 years of white privilege—the University should admit every Black high school graduate.

In 1988, the Daily editors said: "...Zionism is from its inception a racist construct."

So why is the Daily blind, in 2008, to the Israeli army’s genocide against Palestine?

Gaza is now starving, under Israel’s truly Nazi blockade, under inhuman aerial bombardment by Israel.

Israel dropped 4 million cluster bombs on Lebanon, just 2 summers ago.

Will the “Michigan Daily”, at long last, back the Boycott-Israel Resolution?

Or will the “Daily” let the Zionists complete their genocide of Palestine, in dead silence?

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