Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Michigan Zionists say: "Fuck racist Malcolm X".

University of Michigan Zionists have apparently gone crazy.

A video, calling for boycott against Israel, has made the Zionists show their true colors.

Look at the Zionists' ugly hatred, on Facebook, at:

* The Michigan Zionists now say: "Fuck racist Malcolm X".

* The Michigan Zionists say: "So go back to the Middle East where everyone else is racist and barbaric like you."

* The Michigan Zionists say: "Palestinians (excuse me...Jordanians) love death- they are taught such and boycotting Israel is ridiculous, it will never happen..."

* The Zionists also say: "Where do any American arabs have the right to say anything about anything?"

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Then you will see how arrogant the Zionists have become, at the University of Michigan: