Sunday, March 9, 2008

Demonstrations against Israeli atrocities in Gaza:

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"Local demonstrations protest Israeli atrocities in Gaza"

By Khalil AlHajal - The Arab American News

Saturday, March 8, 2008

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"After holding several meetings over the last week to find a way to respond to ongoing violence and humanitarian crises in the Gaza Strip, peace and human rights activists staged two large demonstrations in Dearborn and Detroit on Tuesday and Thursday.

"Israeli air strikes and ground incursions over the past eight days have left some 130 people dead, while its blockade continues to cut off food, fuel, medical supplies, water filters and other supplies from Gaza.

"Several hundred people gathered at the steps of Dearborn's City Hall on Tuesday under heavy snowfall carrying Palestinian flags and signs that read 'Wake up to the holocaust in Gaza,' and 'Occupation = Devastation.'

"Many also carried dolls to symbolize children who have been killed in the violence.

"On Thursday about 50 demonstrators circled the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit in support of Palestinians in Gaza..."